Total Private Pilot License Cost

Now I am going to add all of this up for you. As you can see from breaking your private pilot training down into three sections and then adding in books and materials, this is probably quite a bit higher than most flight schools will lead you to believe.


Like I said there are a lot of great flight schools out there and then there are a lot of bad ones. The key to the entire process is planning and researching. From the other three articles here, I have put down all of the costs together to come up with a realistic cost estimate for you.


Once again I will use an aircraft rate of $100 Per hour For a C-172 and $65 for the Instructor Since that is what I charge. Remember you will find many different rates in different areas of the country so just use my numbers as a guide for you.


Private Pilot Books and Materials Cost

Private Pilot License Kit                                 $200.00
Aviation Medical ( If Needed )                        $100.00
Headsets                                                    $300.00

Total                                                       $600.00


Private Pilot - Pre Solo Flight Training Cost

17 Hours Dual Instruction @ $165 Per Hour

5 Hours Ground Instruction @ $65 Per hour

1.5 Hours Solo ( First and Second Solo )


Total Dual Instruction                                $2805.00

Total Ground Instruction                             $325.00

1.5 Hours Solo                                           $150.00

TOTAL # 2                                             $3280.00



Private Pilot - Post Solo Flight Training Cost


12.5 Hours Dual Instruction @ $165 Per Hour
5.0Hours Ground Instruction @ $65 Per hour
5 Hours of Solo Flight Time @ $100 Per Hour


12.5 Hours Dual Instruction                       $2062.50

5.0 Hours Ground Instruction                      $325.00

5 Hours of Solo Flight Time                          $500.00

TOTAL# 3                                              $2887.00



Private Pilot -Flight Test Preparation Cost

10 Hours Dual Instruction @ $165 Per Hour
10Hours Ground Instruction @ $65 Per hour
7 Hours of Solo Flight Time @ $100 Per Hour
Flight Test Examiner Fee
Flight test (airplane) 1.5 Hours @ $100 Per Hour


10 Hours Dual Instruction                      $1650.00
10Hours Ground Instruction                    $650.00
7 Hours of Solo Flight Time                      $700.00
Flight Test Examiner Fee                          $600.00
Flight Test (airplane)                               $150.00

Total # 4                                           $3750.00



Total Private Pilot License Cost


Now when we add all of this up we get the following cost Estimate:


Books and Materials                                     $600.00
Pre Solo Flight Training                               $3280.00
Post Solo Flight Training                             $2887.00
Flight Test Preparation                                $3750.00

TOTAL                                                   $10,517.00


So you can see this is probably more than most flight schools will lead you to believe. There are some honest one out there. You just need to research before you start flying.


You will also need to remember that every student is different and everyone's ability to learn is also different. The Younger student will get the flying part down but usually end up behind on the ground portion. In this case more ground time will be needed and more flights will be needed to stay proficient. The older student will have the ground down early and will take a little longer with the flight portions. That is what I have found over 28 years of doing this


Hope to see you in the sky




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