Understand the Private Pilot License Process Before You Start Spending Money

The Private Pilot's License (Certificate) is your first step to becoming a pilot and learning to fly an Airplane. This site is dedicated completely to the people who know nothing about learning to fly and the Private Pilot License Training Process. I have made this website for people who would like advice and pointers about how the Private Pilot Training process works. Even if you are a Private Pilot  or if you have started your Private Pilot Training, there will be some useful information for you. Below are links to the important sections in this site.

Private Pilot Cost

This section will explain the cost of a Private Pilot License In detail. I break down all of the different phases of your Private Pilot Training Here

Private Pilot Cost

Private Pilot Requirements

This Section I have broken all of the Private Pilot Requirements for you. They are broken down according to the phase of Pilot Training you are in.

Private Pilot Requirements

Airfreddy's Private Pilot Manual, Handbook and Guide

Step By Step Manual Guide and Handbook on the Private Pilot License. This book will help you Plan your Private Pilot Training and Keep You on Track through out your Training

Airfreddy's Private Pilot Manual and Handbook

Airfreddy's Flying Stories

18 Pilot Training Stories that all Pilots Can Learn From. Downloadable Ebook

Airfreddy's Flying Stories

Your Private Pilot License Training can be a wonderful experience however the industry is changing so fast that you will want to plan ahead. One of the worst things you can do is just go to a flight school sign up and start flying. You need to plan. At rates of up to $200 per hour a lack of planning can cost you thousands before you know it. Choosing the wrong flight school or flight instructor can also cost thousands and lead to other problems with your dream of becoming a Private Pilot.

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